Minimal installation

Suitable for when you don’t need plotting.

$ pip install cogent3

Install with graphing tools

$ pip install cogent3[extra]


Writing image files requires you install plotly-orca. That’s best done using conda (see below).

Install with developer tools

$ pip install cogent3[dev]


Installs all dependencies that can be installed using pip.

Installing the development version

$ pip install git+


This is the bleeding edge!

Installing using conda

Strictly speaking, this is just a pip install into a conda environment. Do this is if you want all the capabilities that come with Jupyterlab and Plotly, particularly the ability to save image files.

Manual creation of the conda environment

Once you’ve downloaded and installed conda, create a custom environment, e.g.

$ conda create -n c3-env python=3
$ conda activate c3-env

Once the environment is active

(c3-env) $ conda install jupyterlab # or pip install jupyterlab if you prefer

then follow the instructions posted on the Plotly pipy page to install and configure Plotly for jupyter.

Then install cogent3 using the variant of pip install from above that you want.