Dotplot with annotated sequences

If sequences in a dotplot have been annotated, the dotplot() method returns an AnnotatedDrawable.

Reloading from json

The data file, tp53.json, was created from a query of ensembl for one-to-one orthologs of human TP53 between Human, Macaque, Orangutan and Marmoset. The resulting sequences were annotated with the location of the CDS for the canonical transcript, then the SequenceCollection was saved as json using

from import get_data_store, load_json

loader = load_json()
seqs = loader("data/tp53.json")
dp = seqs.dotplot(name1="Macaque", name2="Marmoset", width=600)

Removing annotation tracks

Help on method remove_track in module cogent3.draw.drawable:

remove_track(left_track=False, bottom_track=False) method of cogent3.draw.drawable.AnnotatedDrawable instance
    left_track : bool
        the left track is removed
    bottom_track : bool
        the bottom track is removed

Thus we could remove the left annotation track, for instance with