Showing Bootstrap Support

We use a tree saved in json format from a 100 replicate bootstrap resamplings. The show_support=True argument controls whether or not to display support. The threshold=0.8 argument indicates only nodes with a support level ≤0.8 will have support text displayed.

from import io

reader = io.load_json()

tree = reader("data/tree-with-support.json")
fig = tree.get_figure(show_support=True, threshold=0.8)
fig.scale_bar = None, height=400)

Change the placement of support text

The support text is positioned relative to the x, y coordinates of the tree node. Control over support text placement is achieved using the support_xshift and support_yshift attributes. These are expressed in terms of pixels.

To place the support text internal to the node, we set the yshift=0 (so at the same y-value of the node) and xshift it to the right using a positive integer.

fig.support_xshift = 15
fig.support_yshift = 0, height=400)